Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The ER...AGAIN??

Seriously...if I tell jacob one more time that I need to go to the ER, I'm pretty sure he will refuse unless I stop breathing. 3 ER trips since we have been together! This boy has been such a trooper though. He holds my hand and stays with me the whole time even when I'm super snappy because I'm rolling around dramatically in pain.

So yesterdays ER trip started yesterday as I woke up and was getting ready to go to work when the pain in my left middle back started. I tried to get myself to work but the pain was so intense I couldn't even drive. So I called my manager while I was bawling due to extreme pain, drove to my Mom's, and was met there by Jacob and his Dad who give me a blessing and get me to the ER. I felt it was probably kidney stones since I have had them 3 times now and I recognized the pain, but I was so nervous because this time theres a baby in ther! After an ultra sound of my kidneys and one of the baby, turns out I have a large stone passing because my ureter was much "fatter" on that side as the ER doc described it. And the baby, PERFECT. It was so crazy seeing that little guy or gal again because I haven't seen it since I was 7 weeks and it basically looked like a blob. This time I saw its facial features, lil hands & feet, and a cute HUGE tummy! It was fun to see him/her again. I asked if she could tell me the sex cause the baby is measuring like a week and a half passed the due date, but she said she wasn't that type of tech that could tell its gender. It was so fun to see da wittle baby. 

So now I'm chillin at home, waiting for this freakin boulder to pass. I just hope and pray child birth isn't as bad as the pain I've experienced with kidney stones. Here are some pics to document our many ER trips.
This was the first time I had kidney stones when Jacob and I were just dating. I threw up the whole time cause I cannot tolerate pain for the life of me!
This was our trip to the ER on valentines day that was not by choice, I was really sick with the flu and went to my family Doc who told me I had spinal meningitis and needed to go to the ER immediately. I did NOT have spinal meningitis but did switch my fam Doc : )
K I know this is the UGLIEST pic of all time but this is what I looked like all day yesterday. They couldn't get any pain meds to even touch the pain it was so bad. 

The pics are from my phone so I'm sorry for the crappy quality, but this was our trip to the OR for Jacob's ACL repair. He may have been the funniest person EVER to coming out of general anesthesia. Love this man.

So hopefully we'll be done with the ER for awhile, pretty sure we've had enough trips there to last us for our whole marriage. Next time to the hospital will be in November, when we'll leave with our CHILD!!! So crazy.


  1. I've heard that the pain of kidney stones is as bad as child birth. If I ever have a kidney stone I'll let you know. So if you can deal with the kidney stone you'll do fine giving birth :) Hope it passes soon cause you know you wanna come hang out tomorrow night :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the kidney stones, hope they pass too. I've heard the same as Emily, so you will for sure be able to go natural!

  3. NO! This is just terrible! I am so sorry you had the stones! And the pictures kill me, to see the pain in your face :( But I get the upside is that you saw the babe in your belly! I would like if there were no more ER trips as well, minus for when we the babe comes!! I can't wait! If you need ANYTHING please call me! I love your face.

  4. Aw, I'm so sad for you. I want to come and hold you. But I'm glad Jacob can do that for you. That stone better pass soon, so you can feel better!!

  5. I know several people who have had kids and kidney stones and they all say kidney stones are WAY worse! So on the bright side giving birth wont be as bad right??.... Hope you pass that bad boy soon!

  6. Aw man, sorry to hear about all that Sarah!! Good at least that you got to see your little baby!!! Amazing I bet! Hate to break it to you but labor is worse, some of the pains are similar but labor definitely hands down is just well, no more comments since I'm probably freakin you I suggest getting the epidural, FO SHO!!!!! :) lol Love your post and love you!!!

  7. O my word!!! You two have been through A LOT! This shouldn't be a funny post but you had me rolling multiple times. I love your humor in every post. So happy to be blogging buds:)

    And THRILLED your coming for Shay's wedding. Her fiance is such a stud! Making them the most adorable couple.

    Love you lil lady!