Monday, May 9, 2011

Big news folks...

So...yesterday I got a Mothers Day surprise from my dear husband Jacob. Why you ask am I receiving Mothers day gifts? Well read on and you may find out. First off, I begged and pleaded to get this...
And...he got it for me! I am convinced this is the miracle my booty needs. This guy trains Victoria's Secret models so you know he's good. I so excited to get it in the mail!

Then... here comes announcement time. He surprised me with this little combination...

This guy knew that pickles and ice cream are pregnancy craving food from the show "Pregnant in Heals" on TLC. One of my new fav's! So yes, this is what it means. We are unexpectedly expecting! I am 11 weeks and we're due November 30th! Here's the proof...can you tell I was in complete shock cause I took 4? I actually took one the next day as well in utter disbelief..still positive though.

 This was definitely a surprise to us, we've only been married 9 months and we "planned" to wait about 2 years before we even thought about kids. But life doesn't always go according to plan as I've learned. We planned to wait for many reasons, one being that my little sister Kelly just barely left on her mission and we intended to wait until she at least got home. Secondly, if any of you know my incredible sister'll know that she has been trying for about 6 years to get pregnant. Let me tell you that there is NO ONE in this world who deserves this more than she does. I never in a million years imagined myself getting this blessing before her. However, she is doing infertility treatments very soon and I truly feel that this is going to be her time, and I am so beyond thrilled for her.

So this might be a little personal/ somewhat inaapropriate to post on a blog, but I just think my husband is so funny! This is a close up of the card he gave me...

Hahah totally inappropriate to post on a blog right? I just laugh so much! Gotta love that man.

So this experience thus far has been unlike I ever expected it would be, because its unexpected. However don't let that downplay our excitement...we are thrilled to start our little family. We told our parents about a month ago by making these little cheesy shirts. If you know my family, you'll know we love to make ridiculous shirts.

Mama was so excited she grabbed a random worker at the restaurant to tell her the news.

Jacob may be a little further along than I am here as you can tell. We took those pics on our shirts at Dave and Busters while we were dating at the "gene machine" where they combine your faces and make your child, and that baby was definitely not the child they said we would create. The machine made a child that was absolutely hideous, so I replaced it with a cute baby.

We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives. I haven't really been that sick except the occasional nausea & severe exhaustion. Actually, last week I threw up in Jacob's car just cause I hadn't eaten anything for awhile...I laughed, but Jacob did not.  

So that's our big news...we made a baby!


  1. Okay sister I must be the first to comment on your exciting news.:) Even though u already know this, I love you and as hard as this may be for me I am extremley excited for a new little niece or nephew. Hopefully, it will work for me soon and we can do this together.:) You will make a great mommy.

  2. YAY!!!!!! I am busting out in sweet dance moves for you! Well, for one now I don't have to keep this secret and I can share the news with everyone... I know its your news but I want to tell people too. Actually, before you announced it I was so excited I told my coworkers at work because I HAD to tell someone and they don't know so I thought... what the hell, she wont care. You don't do you?! I love you, and I love that baby in your tummy!

    Now to the card... I am obsessed. Its incredible. So much inappropriateness, so its right up our alley. No wonder Allen and Jacob have such man love. BAHAHA. Oh and can I please note that I LOVE that Jacob signed as "Jacob E." with his last initial. Hilarious.

    Sorry for my novel, I am so just happy you decided to have an unexpected baby because I love you and you are going to be the best momma in the world. and also a milf like Jacob pointed out.

  3. OMG!! This post is freaking HILARIOUS!!!! First off congratulations! Second that card is to die for, you should frame it! And I love the way you told your parents. Those baby generator results are always scary so Im glad you replaced the picture with a cute one.

    And yay for having a blog, now I can stalk you ; )

  4. What are those DVDs! And when can I do them with you?!? I love you by the way :)

  5. You're like the best blogger already, your posts are hilarious! You make me realize I'm extremely boring. Also, please invite me over to exercise with you, PLEASE!!

  6. This blog is amazing and inspired me Sara!!! Yes, I gave in and finally did one!!! Congratulations on being preggers!!! I am so happy for you both!

  7. I love that you put the card on there even tho' you are probably now embarrassed that I read it & Jacob will prob be even more so...but don't tell him so he won't be ;) I think he is such a sweet boy & will be a great daddy! Besides...this is your "journal" & you need to put stuff like that on there. Please don't ever stop are so cute!

  8. I'm so excited you started a blog! Your posts are already very entertaining! Congrats again on being preggers!! You will love it! And that card is every bit hilarious and innapropriate, but totally worth posting it! I laughed when your hubby signed the card "Jacob E" because my husband still signs every card "Michael Devlin" weird! It must be a guy thing!