Friday, August 5, 2011

1 years ago...

I cannot believe its been a whole year... yet I cannot believe its only been a year if that makes sense?? I don't mean that in a bad way, I just can't even imagine what life was like before all this. Before I had my own house to play with and pritty up, before I was a nurse, before I had a big ol fat belly (which has only been a couple months), and before I married the hands down most fantastic person I've ever met. 

The last year has been the perfect start to the rest of my life. At work I see a lot of elderly and there spouses, one couple in particular just yesterday. They had been married for 56 years and still held hands for nearly my whole 12 hour shift and kissed as often as possible. They were both so pleasantly confused (both had early alzheimers), but it was so evident the one thing that made sense to them and that was each other. She helped him to the bathroom in just his little whitie tighties and tom cruise type socks (I nearly died they were so cute) and helped him with absolutely everything. Even would jump in and help in the middle of  his dressing changes I was doing on his incision that we usually prefer to stay as clean and sterile as possible, but I let her do just cause she wanted to help. I was so in love with them and I thought about Jacob and I, 56 years from now, and how there's no doubt in my mind that I will just continue to fall in love with him more and more everyday until then. Its amazing how much someone really can complete your life after you take that step with them (as cliche as that sounds). Its like I never can imagine anything but this anymore, just pure happiness. I never want to go back, if anything I want to start over again from August 6th, 2010 and just relive the greatest year of my life. 

I remember another elderly man I had as a patient just a few weeks ago. He was in his 90's and was also pleasantly confused. He didn't have anyone there with him though, I received frequent calls from his working daughter that he lived with, but I figured he had a spouse who must have passed I asked. He responded and said with more clarity than anything else he said to me all day..."I was married for 65 years to the most beautiful woman in the world". I responded and said, "I love that..." and he responded with "I loved her". She passed away from cancer 3 years ago and he wanted to join her. 

So in celebration of our first anniversary...we promised each other no gifts (saving up for the little one you know). But I told him all I want is to go back to the place where we started. The hotel we stayed at in Scottsdale a year ago, and order pizza (just like we did) and just start again. I feel so blessed that I crossed paths with Jacob at that random single adult party where I was cringing the whole time cause I LOATHED those things...and this handsome blue eye'd blond hair boy in a red shirt and red hat walked in and said hi to my little sister Kelly and I told her "I must meet that man". I know if it wasn't there it would have been somewhere else. I never thought I'd be almost 6 months pregnant on our 1 year anniversary, I guess thats what happens when your unexpectedly expecting. Here's some pics of when in all started...sorry for the cheesiness.