Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi we still love Luke a lot

Wow, I seriously sat there and stared at the title line for like 3 mins wondering what I could call this post that doesn't include my obsession with my my child. However, I realized I am obsessed & should just face it that I no longer exist without them. I am only me anymore because of Jacob and Luke. They are my whole world and I don't even know what I would have talked about if I had a blog before my husband & my widdle boy came along. I hope you don't think oh this poor girl, she has completely lost her identity to motherhood & wifeness. Because I wouldn't have it any other way. I look forward to every single day because of the happiness they bring into my life. I know, that's pretty deep for a first paragraph, however the rest of this post will just be full of pics as always...cause I feel that they kinda say it all.

So, back to Luke. He's 4 months today!!! Look at this stud. Can you blame me for being obsessed?

Lets just organize my update this way, things that have happened over the last 2 months...

1) I went back to work. I cried the whole way there the first night after saying goodbye to Jacob and Luke for my first night away from them. Jacob didn't help much by taking him outside as I drove away and waving his lil hand. As hard as it is to leave them for 3 nights a week and sleep during the day for 3 days a week, I feel so comforted knowing he is with Jacob the whole time (with the exception of one day my sister Dayna helps me out). Here is the sadness of that first night back...(I look horrific but I love Lukes face in this)
2) Jacob and I went on our first date without the child & saw "The Hunger Games". It was so needed, as much as I love spending every minute I have with this lil guy, I didn't realize how much I missed spending time with the husband where we aren't both constantly having to entertain someone else. Do I have a picture of this epic event...of course not, but this is us in case you forgot, in our skinnier days of course.
3) Jacob finally convinced me it was time to cut Lukes crazy hair :( He was literally baby Einstein with his long hair sticking straight up in the back and his baldness in the front so I finally consented. He looks like a different baby to me now! Still adorable in everyway, he just looks like he joined the army.
 Hair cut time, he was so scared!
and after...he loves his new do!

4) Luke and I are gangsters, obviously.

5) We ATTEMPTED to give Luke his first solids, since he all the sudden wants to eat every few hours again at night we thought we'd give this a go to see if it'd hold him over until the morning. He wasn't the slightest bit interested. I don't really blame him cause I tried the stuff and its NASTY. We will attempt again in the future but for now its back to some more sleepless nights (hence the time of my posting this).
 6) He finally rolled!! But they are like his secret rolls cause he'll do them only if we put him on his tummy then leave the room, and when we come back he is on his back! Somehow my first one I ever witnessed, I happened to be recording. I was in pure shock that he did it on demand, so far this is still the only one I've witnessed. 

7) & then this one time everyday we fall in love with this kids cuteness, sorry for the pic overload...we just really like him. like alot.