Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hi we still love Luke a lot

Wow, I seriously sat there and stared at the title line for like 3 mins wondering what I could call this post that doesn't include my obsession with my my child. However, I realized I am obsessed & should just face it that I no longer exist without them. I am only me anymore because of Jacob and Luke. They are my whole world and I don't even know what I would have talked about if I had a blog before my husband & my widdle boy came along. I hope you don't think oh this poor girl, she has completely lost her identity to motherhood & wifeness. Because I wouldn't have it any other way. I look forward to every single day because of the happiness they bring into my life. I know, that's pretty deep for a first paragraph, however the rest of this post will just be full of pics as always...cause I feel that they kinda say it all.

So, back to Luke. He's 4 months today!!! Look at this stud. Can you blame me for being obsessed?

Lets just organize my update this way, things that have happened over the last 2 months...

1) I went back to work. I cried the whole way there the first night after saying goodbye to Jacob and Luke for my first night away from them. Jacob didn't help much by taking him outside as I drove away and waving his lil hand. As hard as it is to leave them for 3 nights a week and sleep during the day for 3 days a week, I feel so comforted knowing he is with Jacob the whole time (with the exception of one day my sister Dayna helps me out). Here is the sadness of that first night back...(I look horrific but I love Lukes face in this)
2) Jacob and I went on our first date without the child & saw "The Hunger Games". It was so needed, as much as I love spending every minute I have with this lil guy, I didn't realize how much I missed spending time with the husband where we aren't both constantly having to entertain someone else. Do I have a picture of this epic event...of course not, but this is us in case you forgot, in our skinnier days of course.
3) Jacob finally convinced me it was time to cut Lukes crazy hair :( He was literally baby Einstein with his long hair sticking straight up in the back and his baldness in the front so I finally consented. He looks like a different baby to me now! Still adorable in everyway, he just looks like he joined the army.
 Hair cut time, he was so scared!
and after...he loves his new do!

4) Luke and I are gangsters, obviously.

5) We ATTEMPTED to give Luke his first solids, since he all the sudden wants to eat every few hours again at night we thought we'd give this a go to see if it'd hold him over until the morning. He wasn't the slightest bit interested. I don't really blame him cause I tried the stuff and its NASTY. We will attempt again in the future but for now its back to some more sleepless nights (hence the time of my posting this).
 6) He finally rolled!! But they are like his secret rolls cause he'll do them only if we put him on his tummy then leave the room, and when we come back he is on his back! Somehow my first one I ever witnessed, I happened to be recording. I was in pure shock that he did it on demand, so far this is still the only one I've witnessed. 

7) & then this one time everyday we fall in love with this kids cuteness, sorry for the pic overload...we just really like him. like alot.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm 2 months old guys!

Oh how this lil boy melts my heart, he smiles almost constantly and it could NEVER get old. Something about seeing your own baby smile makes you feel like your doing something right. 
Luke's Favorite Things
Bath time
 (just like his mama)

His elephant Lloyd  
(yes from dumb and dumber, named by aunt Dayna)
 His mobile
 it never gets old to him, its like the first time every time!
Standing in front of the mirror.
Everyday when I put an outfit on him, we stand in front of the mirror just like so...I think he is mesmerized by how handsome he is. 

His best friend Deacon

His swing
 he'll swing in it all day if Dad would let him (but he doesn't so we don't have to keep buying batteries)

Spending time with Dad

Having conversations 
(don't mind me I sound like an idiot when I talk to him)
 Sitting up like a big boy.

My favorite moment this month:
 Story time with Dad.
 I was in the other room the other night and Jacob was putting Luke down for bed, and I hear Jacob just talking away to Luke, and then I hear Luke like cooing and talking so much back to Jake, like they were having a full on conversation. I snuck in and listened to what he was saying, it was a story about a Pelican named Sam, Tim the fly or something, and how they got hit by Hector (my brother in law) the garbage man haha! Moral of the story was don't cross the street without looking or holding someones hand! I was dying, and Luke was loving every minute of it. Now they have story time every night.

Luke's funny joke: 
the fake cough
You guys probably won't believe this because he's only 9 weeks old, there's no way he could have this much personality right? False, this lil guy has a TON of personality already. He LOVES being under the mobile so much more if your standing over him watching him, giving him attention. He's done this several times now where I'll put him in his crib and turn his mobile on and then walk away for a few minutes, then he'll start coughing like he's choking and I'll run in there of course and sit him up give him attention and then so now he KNOWS when he coughs, Mom runs in there. So he's done it probably 4 or 5 times now where he'll do this like "black lung" type TOTALLY fake cough, and I run in there and he LAUGHS! He's totally smiling knowing he's tricking me! I gotta get it on video cause its hilarious, he is so entertaining. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

We are alive....oh and we had a baby!

Hello long lost blogging world, how are you!? I am kinda fantastic in case your wondering. And when I say kinda I mean more like probably the happiest I've ever been, no joke. Life is 100% different than its ever been before, and I don't think it could be better than this.

Oh ya, I have failed to update all 2 of you who follow my blog that we had a baby! 6.5 weeks ago that is. I love blogging for the purpose of writing out my thoughts and experiences, so that I might be able to come back to them one day and be like "oh ya, dats so cool". So I am going to write out Luke's birth story, since sooooo many people have been BEGGING me to write it out. JK not one person has. But I am going to do it anyways, cause as hard as that day was the greatest day basically ever, and I'd relive it a thousand times if I had to to have this lil boy in our lives.

Sooo, like everyone else in Mesa, I see Dr. Huish, cause he's the best. And for my last four weekly appointments I was only dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced, basically nothing was happening. I had already stopped working and I feared that everyday that was going by, was less time I would have with my lil baby for my maternity leave. So we decided to be induced since I was clearly not dilating on my own.

My induction date was set for Monday November 28th, I had heard from several people that it could take hours to even days to get a room for an induction. So I was totally expecting that and was completely unprepared when they called me Sunday night @ 11:30pm and asked if I could be there for my induction in a half hour. Heck ya I can! I literally ran around my house in a state of panic /excitement for about 20 mins of that time I should have been getting ready. Jacob was like, " I didn't even pack my bag!!". & then we argued for 5 mins about whether or not to bring the car seat (clearly we were in denial that we were actually going to be coming home with a baby). Jacob was convinced he would have time to come back and pick it up, haha oh silly Jacob how wrong you were. Then he drove me to the hospital literally going 90 miles an hour WITH his hazards on, he had heard that was allowed when you were driving your wife to have a baby haha....I had to explain to him I wasn't in labor though, so that was completely unnecessary haha.

Hi I'm a whale.
So after we got checked in and got all dressed up in the fancy gown and got my IV they checked me...yes still 1, 50% effaced. They started me with Cervadil to help soften the cervix, that is left in for 12 hours and then they start pitocin to induce my labor. Then at walks my Mom, sister Tawnee, Dayna, and my niece Lyndsay if I was having that baby anytime soon. They brought me Jack in the box, a massive cookie, and a balloon that says "Happy Birthday" was pretty hilarious.

We were so nervous/excited we didn't sleep much, but the next morning Jacob decides to leave me for the first time since we got there so he could grab some breakfast cause I had gotten mine. We still had like 5 hours for the Cervadil to do its thing so clearly he could leave the room for 10 mins right? Well, right when he left a nurse came in to check on me and unplug me from everything for awhile so I could walk around, right when I stood water broke. I thought I pee'd my pants but then I looked down and it was green...there was meconium in it :( So she made me stay in bed since there was some kind of fetal distress. Jacob walks back in with his breakfast burrito like "what!? how'd I miss that!!".

After that she checked me, still the same. So they started the Pitocin. For 3 1/2 hours I was having HORRIFIC contractions almost every 2 mins. I could hardly stand the pain but didn't want to get my epidural yet since I wasn't dilated and didn't want to get stuck in bed for what could take DAYS! She checked me after those several hours of contractions, STILL didn't budge! WHAT!?!? I was in tears cause I thought there's no way I can tolerate it anymore. Bless you people who go all natural cause I NEVER could. So finally at 3pm I BEGGED her for the epidural, within 5 mins I got it and I had never felt better! Within 10 mins she checked me again and I was a 4! Apparently I was tensing up so much from the pain I wasn't allowing my body to dilate.

Then it got a little scary, my blood pressure kept dropping...90/60, 80/45, then 70/30! So my nurse was running around giving me different medications to get my blood pressure up. Then the scariest part was with each contraction Luke's heart rate would drop, so the nurse would have to turn off the pitocin, then restart it cause nothing was happening, then turn it off, then on, etc. Finally, there was long prolonged deceleration where is heartrate was low for quite awhile, and she told me she called Dr. Huish to come in cause it was likely that there was a chord around his neck. I knew then I was getting a C-section.

I started crying to Jacob because I did not want a c-section, Jacob kept reassuring me it wasn't going to happen, and that Luke was gonna be fine. Jacob was seriously wonderful through the whole thing, I couldn't have asked for better support. So while we were waiting for Dr. Huish, I prayed and prayed that Luke would be alright, and asked for help from my Daddy on the other help him get here safely. As soon as Dr. Huish arrived, Lukes heart rate was perfect, and the Dr. said to try to Pitocin one more time. Within a few hours I was at a 10 and ready to push!! He told me he was face down, which was going to make it a lot harder to push, and being that it was my first time it could take hours. After one push the nurse told me she had to grab Dr. Huish cause I was going have him in only a few mins!! They got the NICU team there just in case they needed to suction him because of the meconium.

After only 20 mins of pushing, there he was. This perfect 7Ib 7oz lil person that I had been waiting to meet for  so long, he had these beautiful bright eyes and tons of dark hair! I know every mom says this but seriously its true, I was instantly so in love with him. Like I had already known him. I watched Jacob stand over him while the nurses cleaned him up, and saw him wipe his face a few times, and of course I was bawling watching that. Just knowing he was all mine, and this was my own lil family to care for.

He cried right when he was born, but after that he was so calm, and peaceful, but so alert with his eyes wide open like he was just soaking up the world around him. Our families came in and paparazzied him of course, Jacob was genuinely concerned about all the flashing in his eyes haha. This is my favorite pic took of him right after, cause this is how he was that whole first hour pf his life. Just so alert and ready to meet everyone.
 So now I'm a Mom, how cool is that? I think there is something about the fact that you have all the control with this lil I are in control of providing him food, comforting him when he's crying, changing him, rocking him to sleep, keeping him warm, etc. Heavenly Father trusted Jacob and I that we would do those things, and love him unconditionally. There's this sense of obligation, but yet its all out of so much love that we have for him. Oh my goodness there's so much love, like literally I never knew I could love someone so much.  When I stare at him for hours (which I do frequently) and just fall more in love with him and I wonder if Luke knows that. I wonder if he knows I would do absolutely anything for him, I now know of the love the Savior has for each of us. My goodness its overwhelming.

Sorry this is a novel, I just wanted to document that unforgettable experience and the feelings I've been having lately. I've loved every minute of motherhood, even the late night feedings because he needs me, and I love that I can provide him with what he needs. He smiles now, oh how it melts my heart. He even laughs a lil, he makes TONS of noises. I swear just a little bit ago he was all "Wooohooo!" cause he was playing under his mobile, he LOVES his mobile. And now comes the slide show of Luke, there's gonna be like 87 pics cause I already have probably a exaggeration.