Monday, June 20, 2011

We're on a BOAT!!

Yes we sang that song the entire cruise.
So we decided to take our "babymoon" since after the baby comes we won't be able to do this for awhile. We left from Long Beach and stopped at Catalina Island and Ensenada and then spent another few days in Cali after we got off the boat. It was a MUCH needed vacation. I loved every minute of it. We slept for about 12 hours a night, ate about 8-10 meals a day always followed by about 3 ice cream cones after each meal.

Ya we ate a lot. I could actually see myself getting fatter everyday.
Our room was this tiny little cozy cabin with an amazing view of the ocean..
Please don't take my ridiculous poses seriously, I just feel so awkward taking pictures by myself this is just what I do. So Jacob insisted as we leave we have to wave goodbye to the 0 people on land.

So anyone whose gone on a cruise knows that they are CONSTANTLY taking pictures of you and they have these stations where you can get these ridiculously cheezy pictures. So we of course could not resist, I could not stop laughing the whole time but this was the end result of our photo session. & yes I caved and bought it cause Jacobs face KILLS me.

Then on another night I go into the bathroom & leave Jacob for just a moment, and come out and find Jacob taking himself.

And yes I am cheap and took a picture of the picture.
So the first stop was in Catalina where we rented a tandem bike and rode around the island, so fun. 
 I wanted this onesie oh so bad...(this ones for you Ash :)

& then I got these BEAUTIFUL new Toms thanks to my loving husband and it being my birthday the next day..
So the following day we got off in Ensenada Mexico and took a bus to La Bufadora which is a famous geizer there and did some Mexican bargaining at the lil shops.

The next day was a day at sea, Jacob was dying to go on the slide and for me to record him since they had a live camera that would show on the tv stations in our room. Hahah he waved the whole time so I would know it was him, even though that was farely obvous being that he was the only kid above the age of like 7 who went down it.

Yes we did some mini golf, even though Jacob looks like he's at the driving range..

Followed by sticking my legs in the hot tub which you can tell I was devastated I couldn't get all the way in, I love hot tubs :(

So following our cruise we stayed in Cali for another couple days and hung out on the beach, such a needed vacation and I hate coming home to reality :( But I guess we gots to grow up sometime.


  1. this looks like such a good time. and those pics of your husband seriously made me laugh out loud.
    i'm at work.
    and felt ridiculous.
    snorted a little.

    you are such a beautiful woman!

  2. holy cheese and rice. there is just so much that I want to comment on that I don't know if I should call you again(after our on hour phone call less than 30 mins ago) and discuss every damn picture!! This cruise looks like so much fun, I am so glad you guys enjoyed your babymoon. The picture of Jacob and his ice cream cone looks so personal. i love it. and the picture of you two, holy balls. hilarious. i cannot lie that was well worth the $20 you paid. I love you and your hilarious husband.

  3. That looks like so much fun! Get in a much vacations as you can before that little boy come!!

  4. How fun! I'm super jealous, but happy you got to go!

  5. Your posts always make me laugh so thank you for that! That little baby shirt kills me, bahah! Along with that sweet picture you and Jacob took together. Please tell me you blew it up and hung it in your house!!!

  6. looks like you guys had so much fun! Happy Birthday to you! Love the portrait of you guys!

  7. looks like you guys had a blast!! I love the picture and especially the ones he took of himself, those are hilarious!!! you two are perfect for each other! we need to go to lunch sometime for your birthday!!!

  8. SARA! I love you and am so glad you are making some of my meals for dinner! I wish one of us had a pool so we could go swimming and lay out and girl talk all day. humph :( miss you!

  9. you guys are seriously adorable, I love you! It looks like you guys had such an amazing time! I can't wait to do a cruise one day...hopefully! :) Everything you wrote was so fun and entertaining! Oh and that onesie is to die for, OMG I want one and I am done having kids, but I'd like it just to have it! LOL You look so great sara, excited for you little one!!!

  10. that was supposed to say excited for your little one :) derrrr!