Monday, September 12, 2011

The garden of Jacob

 I am a failure at blogging. I can never figure out anything exciting enough going on in my life to blog about. But I have truly found my husbands new hobby entertaining enough to document. This man has put his whole heart and soul into the skill of...gardening. Here are some pics to document what my husband spends his spare time doing..
He began with planting seeds into small cups with soil in them...yup, just like 1st grade.  He babied those things like they were all his children. Can't wait to see how good he'll be at the real deal:)
This is Jacobs grape vine, he has literally marked its growth up the wall and makes me look at it daily. 
This is it, he even bought the white picket fence to go around it for protection from our hens we're apparently going to get one day. He called the process "transplanting" because he had to transport the growing spuds in the cup to there new home in Jacobs garden.

Well I'm still growing, everyday. Trust me its pretty rapidly...I refuse to step on the scale until I got to my OB appointment and when I see the number then I go into a state of shock and panic. Its crazy seeing these numbers on a scale that I've never been in my life I never hoped I ever would be! But what do you do. This kid is growin and there's no stoppin it! Here were some pics from the last ultra sound we had at 24 weeks.

He wouldn't hold still hardly for a second so it was hard to get a clear shot, but I love him to pieces already!! Here's what he looks like from the outside...

Here we are at 29 weeks! Only 11 weeks till this lil guy will arrive. Jacob mocks me when I ask him to take a picture of me like this, but I explain to him that you have to document such an occasion. So here is Jacob, 29 weeks??

We got our crib a little while back, I love just basic cribs so its nothing here is da daddy putting it together.
and practicing for the real deal...
Luke's room has been my project the last few months, bedding won't be here for a while but this is da mama just anxiously awaiting. Please don't take me seriously...