Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm 2 months old guys!

Oh how this lil boy melts my heart, he smiles almost constantly and it could NEVER get old. Something about seeing your own baby smile makes you feel like your doing something right. 
Luke's Favorite Things
Bath time
 (just like his mama)

His elephant Lloyd  
(yes from dumb and dumber, named by aunt Dayna)
 His mobile
 it never gets old to him, its like the first time every time!
Standing in front of the mirror.
Everyday when I put an outfit on him, we stand in front of the mirror just like so...I think he is mesmerized by how handsome he is. 

His best friend Deacon

His swing
 he'll swing in it all day if Dad would let him (but he doesn't so we don't have to keep buying batteries)

Spending time with Dad

Having conversations 
(don't mind me I sound like an idiot when I talk to him)
 Sitting up like a big boy.

My favorite moment this month:
 Story time with Dad.
 I was in the other room the other night and Jacob was putting Luke down for bed, and I hear Jacob just talking away to Luke, and then I hear Luke like cooing and talking so much back to Jake, like they were having a full on conversation. I snuck in and listened to what he was saying, it was a story about a Pelican named Sam, Tim the fly or something, and how they got hit by Hector (my brother in law) the garbage man haha! Moral of the story was don't cross the street without looking or holding someones hand! I was dying, and Luke was loving every minute of it. Now they have story time every night.

Luke's funny joke: 
the fake cough
You guys probably won't believe this because he's only 9 weeks old, there's no way he could have this much personality right? False, this lil guy has a TON of personality already. He LOVES being under the mobile so much more if your standing over him watching him, giving him attention. He's done this several times now where I'll put him in his crib and turn his mobile on and then walk away for a few minutes, then he'll start coughing like he's choking and I'll run in there of course and sit him up give him attention and then so now he KNOWS when he coughs, Mom runs in there. So he's done it probably 4 or 5 times now where he'll do this like "black lung" type TOTALLY fake cough, and I run in there and he LAUGHS! He's totally smiling knowing he's tricking me! I gotta get it on video cause its hilarious, he is so entertaining. 


  1. Hahaha! I love it. I don't remember Zak ever talking like that. It's so cute. He's so cute.

  2. Haha! Luke is so clever. The picture of luke and jacob crying... amazing!

  3. Haha well hello Blogger. K I SWEAR on the last name Allen that seriously cooper fake coughs too. They are meant to meet someday. He is sooo darling!

  4. Cuteness overload!! I miss Cash being that little. He is so cute Sara, you guys did good! And I'm sure you've already heard this a million times but it seriously gets better and better!

  5. I love your stories, so adorable! I am so happy for you and your little family. Luke is the sweetest little man and I love, love, love his hair!!

  6. Your little man is so adorable! I LOVE his hair and am a little jealous..i can't believe I have a blonde baby!

  7. Seriously, he is so cute! How have I not met him yet????!

  8. So funny how he tricks you with his cough! I was dying laughing at that story! He is getting so big already RA RA and such a cutie. I just love ready about your cute little family. You deserve every min of this happiness :)